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To be eligible to apply for a free rooftop solar system under the REConstruct program, you are required to be a community-based organisation which has infrastructure that is located in a bushfire-affected region and has been adversely affected by the bushfires.

For the purposes of this program:

  • Community organisations” refers to not-for-profit bodies such as sporting clubs; schools; hospitals and charities. Other community-based assets which may be Council-owned (for example, town community centres) are also eligible. Private residences and commercial businesses not eligible.
  • Rooftop solar system” refers to a single system including premium REC Alpha Series panels, framing and inverter, of an average size of approx. 6.5kw. The actual size to be installed may be tailored to suit individual requirements and is at the complete discretion of the Assessment Team. Applications for larger systems will be accepted, and a hybrid solution – which is part funded by the applicant — may be negotiated.
  • Bushfire-affected region” refers to any location within Australia that was within close proximity of bushfires in the Australian summer of 2019/20. A list of Local Government Areas (LGAs) fitting this criteria is housed on this website.
  • Negatively affected” organisations are those that have:
    • had infrastructure directly destroyed or damaged by fire or fire-fighting equipment/personnel; and/or
    • suffered a negative impact to revenues as a result of the bushfires, for example through lost sponsorships; patronage and/or membership.

Broadly, allocations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. That said, the Assessment Team will endeavor to approve applicants from a broad spread of affected regions and priority will be afforded to those originating from the worst-affected regions.

The Assessment Team maintains complete discretion with regards to which applications are approved and which are not. Whilst best endeavours will be made to explain any decision, there is no appeals mechanism for the decisions of the Assessment Team.