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  1. Lucyvale Tennis Club Hall
  2. Clifton Creek Primary School
  3. Bruthen & District Citizens Association
  4. Cudgewa Tennis Club Inc.
  5. Tintaldra Public Hall Committee of Management
  6. Running Stream Recreation Reserve
  7. Tawonga Recreation Reserve
  8. Wollombi Valley Progress Association (Laguna Community Hall)
  9. Corryong Op Shop (Cudgewa)
  10. Buchan Valley Golf Club
  11. Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre
  12. Stokes Bay Community Hall Inc.
  13. Kurrajong Bowling and Recreation Heights Club (KBARHC)
  14. Balmoral Village Association
  15. Mallacoota Halls and Recreation Reserve

Lucyvale Tennis Club Hall

Lucyvale is a small town with a total population of just 28 residents tucked away in Victoria’s north-east.

Sadly, its leafy surrounds were the prime environment for bushfires during the Australian summer 2019/2020.

The town was spared any physical damage, but was evacuated and lost power for two weeks due to the proximity to bushfires.

Power supply in the region was unreliable prior to the devastating events and the natural disaster reinforced the need for an independent power source at the Lucyvale Tennis Club Hall – an important community meeting point that doubles as the community space.

Lucyvale Tennis Club successfully applied for the REConstruct program and will have state-of-the-art REC Alpha Series solar panels installed on the Club Hall. These panels will provide an independent and consistent source of renewable energy to power the hall, and importantly, help residents to get back on track after the trauma of the bushfire season.

Clifton Creek Primary School

Clifton Creek Primary School was tragically destroyed by the 2019/2020 East Gippsland bushfires. Thankfully no students or teachers were present, but the facilities will need to be completely rebuilt to once again accommodate the local children.

Despite its small stature with only 14 students enrolled in 2020, the school was an imperative part of the community, with the nearest alternative a 30 minute drive away in Bairnsdale.

The school will be installed with REC Alpha Series solar panels when it is rebuilt to provide a renewable source of energy to power the education and learning for Clifton Creek children.

Bruthen & District Citizens Association

East Gippsland bore a heavy toll in the 2019/20 bushfires. Many lost their homes or were evacuated, and in their time of need, turned to community centres like the Bruthen & District Neighbourhood House to seek refuge.

The Neighbourhood House was operating seven days per week with paid staff and a small army of volunteers providing food, shelter and support for hundreds of local residents and first responders.

The cost of operating including the electricity bill came at the expense of the Neighbourhood House which made its services available free of charge and subsequently encountered financial loss.

In 2021 Bruthen & District Neighbourhood House will be fitted with REC’s Alpha Series solar panels saving them the cost of electricity and supporting the local community while it gets back on track from the bushfires.

Cudgewa Tennis Club Inc.

Community sport is the lifeblood for many rural towns across Australia. When the 2019/2020 bushfires came through Victoria’s North East the Cudgewa Tennis Club Inc. had to suspend play and events, losing vital funds to operate the club as a result

Although the courts were not destroyed, the fire caused enough damage to warrant resurfacing.

To help the Cudgewa Tennis Club get back on track, REC will install its renowned Alpha Series panels on the club house roof to power new lights. The club knows that this will allow them to save on electricity and let players swing their racquets late into the evening.

Tintaldra Public Hall Committee of Management

The township of Tintaldra on the east Victorian banks of the Murray River lost power for two weeks during the 2019/2020 summer bushfires,

The residents were unable to charge their phones for vital communication or refrigerate the relief food donated by the Australian public. The Tintaldra Public Hall was rendered largely obsolete with no power and the residents were forced into the closed Tintaldra Hotel as the de facto relief centre. This came at the cost of the owners.

The bushfires exposed the vulnerability of the town to long term power outages, prompting them to look for alternatives and they successfully applied for the REConstruct program. The Tintaldra Public Hall will now be fitted with REC Alpha Series solar panels to provide an independent and renewable source of energy year round.

Running Stream Recreation Reserve

The bushfires of 2019/2020 devastated the township of Running Stream in central New South Wales. 12 homes, 49 sheds and outbuildings, native bushland, pastures, pine plantations, stock, machinery and over 41,000km of fencing were destroyed.

With the fire burning through the region, the residents, first responders and support teams desperately needed a community meeting place. But in this time of need, the Running Stream Recreation Hall was deemed unsuitable due to the poor conditions of the facilities.

The town has been granted funds to upgrade the Hall for future fires but is still reeling from the destruction and in need of further support to rebuild.

The Recreation Hall will be fitted with REC Alpha Series solar panels to save on the electricity bills, allowing them to funnel funds toward other utility costs, insurances, river bank restoration projects and removal of debris from the fires.

Tawonga Recreation Reserve

The town of Tawonga is known for its beautiful mountainous surrounds and trout fishing. It is a small and peaceful town, with a fiercely tight knit community.

In January a number of events at the Recreation Reserve, including the annual Car Club New Year’s Day meet, were cancelled due to the risk of nearby bushfires causing the community hub to lose vital revenue.

With bills stacking up and the brakes put on income, the town needed support to stay afloat financially.

The Recreation Reserve will be fitted with REC Alpha Series solar panels to help cover the cost of electricity and keep the lights on while the town gets back on its feet.

Wollombi Valley Progress Association (Laguna Community Hall)

The Laguna Community Hall was left with a significant electricity bill after the 2019/2020 bushfire season.

The Hall acted as an emergency headquarters for firefighters with lights running 24/7 for three to four weeks.

The centre also supplied toilet paper, soap hand towels, tea and coffee to the firefighters who were saving their town from destruction.

The space is owned by not-for-profit Wollombi Valley Progress Association and run by volunteers, leaving little savings to cover the costs of the bushfires.

The Laguna Community Hall will be fitted with REC Alpha Series solar panels to save on energy and ensure the Hall remains a vital emergency hub for years to come.

Corryong Op Shop (Cudgewa)

The Corryong Op Shop is a much loved part of the Cudgewa community. Locals can donate their second hand clothing to the shop (and snap up a vintage bargain or two while they’re at it).

Business was brought to a grinding halt over summer due to the bushfire threat. Summer is the busiest time of year at the shop and the revenue is vital to operate year round.

The owners drew on a small pool of savings to survive due to the lack of sales, but they are still struggling after the devastating events.

To help preserve this local treasure, the Cooryong Op Shop will be installed with REC Alpha Series solar panels, providing cost-effective renewable energy all year round.

Buchan Valley Golf Club

Buchan Valley Golf Club is a small club in East Gippsland. Most of the players are into their 70s and love nothing more than getting down for a hit with friends.

Sadly, when the 2019/2020 bushfires swept through the area, the golf course was burnt and the club lost power for several weeks due to damaged infrastructure.

To help the golf club get back on track the club house will be fitted with REC Alpha Series solar panels to get the members out on the course and power events for the community.

Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre

The town of Stanthorpe’s Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre acted as an emergency hub in southern Queensland during the 2019/2020 summer bushfires.

The Centre saw demand spiral for emergency relief with food and water, fuel, accommodation and financial support offered to residents – all at the expense of the Centre.

The Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre is the only community space in the region suitable for times of emergency. The roof will be fitted with REC Alpha Series solar panels as part of the REConstruct initiative to ensure it is future.

Stokes Bay Community Hall Inc.

There was little hope for the township of Stokes Bay on Kangaroo Island as the 2019/2020 bushfires tore through the small village and beautiful native landscape.

The Stokes Bay Community Hall fell victim to the flames, along with the homes of seven of its nine members.

The resilience of the town’s people has been on full display since this tragedy as they began rebuilding the Community Hall. To help power the new Hall, REC Alpha Series solar panels will be fitted providing a renewable source of energy for years to come.

Kurrajong Bowling and Recreation Heights Club (KBARHC)

Kurrajong Heights was at the mercy of the 2019/2020 central New South Wales bushfires.

The Kurrajong Bowling and Recreation Heights Club (KBARHC) was running non-stop to provide emergency relief to residents and first responders during the intense period, and in the months following.

The Club is run entirely by volunteers and had little savings to cover the skyrocketing electricity bills.

The Club will be fitted with REC Alpha Series solar panels in 2021 to keep the lights on year round and in future times of great need.

Balmoral Village Association

The Balmoral Village Community Hall was spared from complete destruction from the 2019/2020 summer bushfires thanks to the heroic efforts of a local resident.

While the structure is largely intact, the building, located in the central NSW town of Buxton, still suffered damage. The hall acted as an emergency relief centre for several months as residents grappled with the wake of the destruction.

To stem the financial loss and help the Community Hall get back on its feet, REC Alpha Series solar panels will be installed on a newly renovated roof.

Mallacoota Halls and Recreation Reserve

Nearly 1000 residents packed into the Mallacoota Main Hall on New Year’s Eve in 2019 as the Black Summer bushfires tore through the region. The Hall thankfully survived despite poor air quality and lack of power.

The Hall is typically used as a cinema over the summer period which had to be cancelled, along with any opportunity to fund the organisation for the year to come.

REC Alpha Series solar panels will be fitted to the Mallacoota Main Hall providing a renewable and independent power source in case of future emergencies.