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Applicants are invited to submit their application via the following process:

  • Download and print application form here.
  • (Preferred) consult with your nearest REC Certified Solar Professional installer for advice on the most appropriate system for your circumstances. List of professionals by bushfire-affected Local Government Areas can be found here.
  • Complete the form in full and send by email to [email protected]
  • Lodge required photographs or building plans via email also.

Key information required for your application includes:

  • Registered name and location of the organisation;
  • Summary of purpose / services offered by your organisation;
  • Ownership structure;
  • Brief summary of how the organisation has been impacted by the recent bushfires;
  • Photograph or plans of relevant structure;
  • Further information the applicant would like to submit (optional; max. 200 wds);
  • Website address of your organisation;
  • Contact details of applicant plus a secondary contact;
  • Has contact been made with local REC Certified Solar Professional installer (not mandatory) (Y/N)?
    If Yes, details of installer.

NOTE: By applying for this program, the applicant agrees to participate in all reasonable marketing activity as requested by the Program Partners. This may include:

  • Local, metropolitan or national media stories
  • Video or written case studies for use on partner websites or social media channels
  • Testimonials